Plagued by recurring nightmares, Jessica has begun studying the psychophysiology of dreams in an attempt to understand them. When her Grandmother dies, Jessica returns to her family home in the French countryside, where she receives a muted reception from her icy Mother. After a difficult first night, Jessica becomes feverish and uses her bedridden state to practice the art of lucid dreaming. As Jessica’s skills as a lucid dreamer improve, she soon discovers that dark secrets run deep in her bloodline and that they all lead to the monstrous Horsehead.






May 5, 2015


“Striking images sear themselves into the mind, and will surely come back at the viewer days later. More discerning audiences together with a focus on more visual and stylistic influences are pushing horror in an exciting direction, and Romain Basset is a talent to watch.”
– Scream Magazine


“Well acted, gorgeously and nightmarishly executed, and excellently realized, Horsehead offers a look at dreams like few other films have before. I highly recommend this gothic descent into terrifying nightmare.”
– Ain’t It Cool News


My instinct was to deal with it as a movie, primarily, a very good one that was entirely compelling, somehow both enchanting and chilling, filled with strong, provocative imagery and driven by a powerful narrative force and very good performances. Beyond its merits as a film, however, Horsehead has continued to linger in my memory, its dreamy essence filtering through my consciousness on unexpected occasions.
– Twitch Film


Horsehead is a relentless flurry of blows to your senses. The visuals Director Romain Basset and Cinematographer Vincent Vieillard-Baron paint in front of us are both mesmerizing and horrific, beautiful and disturbing.
– Eli Roth’s The Crypt

Horsehead is like “Starry Eyes” meets “Requiem For A Dream.” It’s got stellar visuals but, it’s super artistic so it might not be for everybody. The cinematography was fantastic, the lighting was phenomenal and the acting was super natural… This is a beautiful film.
– Bloodbath & Beyond

Horsehead is a dream release for fans of horror cinematography, replete with lush and beautifully rendered scenes of phantasmagorical beauty and nightmarish horror. To call Horsehead an “arthouse” horror film does not do it justice. It’s an artistic yet readily accessible symbolic tale and a master class in visual storytelling unlike anything being done in the mainstream Hollywood horror machine.
– Horror In The Hammer

I myself found Horsehead to be a fascinating, provocative and overall quite terrifying glimpse into both the subconscious mind and the darkness of hidden familial secrets and guilt… I’d definitely like to revisit it; it’s certainly beguiling enough to merit watching again… and perhaps again after that.
– Legless Corpse


Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux
Catriona MacColl
Murray Head


Romain Basset