Discopath - Official Poster (Large)The mid-70’s: a timid young New Yorker leads an uneventful life until he is fatefully exposed to the pulsating rhythms of a brand-new genre of music: Disco! Unable to control his murderous impulses that stem from a traumatic childhood experience, Duane Lewis transforms into a dangerous serial killer exiled to Montreal. From the unbelievable set design to the killer disco soundtrack (featuring cuts from KC & the Sunshine Band and Kiss), director Renaud Gauthier’s Discopath truly is “fun from kooky start to its absolute batshit finish” (Mark L. Miller, AICN Horror, Ain’t It Cool News).

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DIRECTOR: Renaud Gauthier
WRITER: Renaud Gauthier
PRODUCERS: Marie-Claire Lalond and Renaud Gauthier
STARRING: Jeremie Earp, Sandrine Bisson, Ivan Freud, Francois Aubin

“Amidst a sea of films attempting to recapture the glories of bygone exploitation fare, Discopath gets it right — a swift, satisfying salute to the slasher cinema of the ’70s and early ’80s, with a premise it’s hard to believe no one employed back in the day.”
– Fangoria

“Those of you who wish they could go back in time and destroy the Disco Era now have a film to idolize. Set to all sorts of painfully awesome disco music (especially an inspired use of the song “I Was Made For Loving You, Baby”), Discopath is fun from kooky start to its absolutely batshit finish.”
– Ain’t It Cool News

“Overall, I would say Discopath is an incredibly dark, but occasionally very funny film that will divide an audience – delighting some and alienating others. I’m very glad I’m in the first camp and I look forward to more of Renaud Gauthier’s work, particularly if it is as inventive and well-designed as this.”
– Allhorror.net

“…an electrifying and blood-soaked nod to the golden age of Italian giallo and the films of John Carpenter and Brian De Palma.”
– Twitch Film