A notorious cult kidnaps a young girl and sacrifices themselves by the light of the locust moon. The next morning the girl awakes, covered in blood and surround by corpses… but safe – or so she thinks. Years later, the locust moon is set to rise again and the girl is captured once more by a surviving member of the cult. She is taken to a remote cabin where she learns that a demon has been growing inside of her all these years, and before dawn breaks, it will rise.



September 18, 2018


“The Heretics, has perfected the multi-sub-genre model and delivers one hell of a fun time while doing it”
- Kelly McNeely,”
“The Heretics is a modern marvel of independent genre cinema." 
– Modern Horrors
"Brutally unpredictable bombshells and harrowing chills aplenty."
- Scream Magazine

"The technical work and Archibald's execution is above reproach."
- Screen Anarchy

"Delivers a good balance of character development, story and scares" - - Flickering Myth

"The Heretics is definitely worth a watch"
- Dread Central

"Atomospherics and jump scares work here effectually."
- Cultured Vultures 


Nina Kiri
Ry Barrett
Jorja Cadence


Chad Archibald